Above all else, I’m a poet from New York. I wanted to be one since I was 9 years old and found out that poems didn’t have to rhyme. I’m also convinced that every text page of a children’s picture book is a poem in itself. I also enjoy shooting film and playing bass for people who are much better musicians. Currently, I am an educator working within the mental health field and am pursuing a Masters Degree in Social Work.

My work is inspired by: loss, anxiety, space, mountains, mountain spirits, regrettable texts, other spirits, regrettable texts, the stars, mean horoscopes, addiction, sad bad punk rock, getting terrible tattoos, lo-fi hip hop beats, my father, my therapist telling me I need to talk about my father, epiphanies I have in therapy, my therapist telling me I need to talk to my father, bad dates, good dates, sometimes other people’s dates, sometimes my cousin’s dates that she goes on and texts me about, the overwhelming feeling that I am failing the people that care about me, honey peanut butter, the consequences of humanity’s hubris, and having no money.